Are you having a hard time finding the funding or talent for your business needs?

EquityX gives you access to the world’s best experts marketplace, with a plethora of talents you can’t afford or can’t compensate with cash. The EquityX marketplace allows startups to open a pool-based USD that will be converted to stock options at the next funding round (like a convertible loan, but for expert services). It then allows you to use the pool money to buy services in micro transactions.




Expert services without draining precious cash resources – With a USD worth pool serving as an extra funding, you can now buy services from the experts you like in our marketplace or bring your own.


A one time setup of system and approval of pool by board – The board needs to approve the pool once and the startups lawyer needs to review the agreement with EquityX once. After this is done, the startup can use EquityX to find and engage with as many different high quality experts on the marketplace.


Completion of tasks approved before compensation authorized – In order to minimize disclosure, the transaction of equity requires your approval that the task was completed to your satisfaction

Transparency for new investors to set terms with clear understanding – New investors can access the data to understand how a startup has been progressing. Furthermore, boards, investors and executives can all be confident that EquityX arrangements are based on thorough documentation on which we’ve collaborated with accomplished, prominent lawyers and accountants for startups from firms like Wilson Sonsini, (WSGR), Ernst & Young and Ayal Shenhav & Co. Law Offices.

icn_search_talent2xTalent You Can’t Find Anywhere Else Our top notch experts work for equity rather than cash, which makes them much more committed to your company’s success.

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Set a pool, open a task, find the best experts, pay with Equity as a Currency, and get things done.