The Professional Network

Our Exclusive Professional Network includes select industry experts, CEOs, Angels and VC partners that make wiser and better investments together Read more here

Every candidate of the professional network will have to be vouched by at least one other member of the professional community.

The professional network includes:

  • Experienced and well known Angel Investors
  • General Partners in leading VC funds
  • Top domain experts in all fields
  • Serial entrepreneurs and experienced CEOs  
  • Senior technologists
  • Academy leaders

All requests to join the network will be reviewed internally by the EquityX team and approved according to the community standards.

The power of our new economy is defined by the active participation of the professional community members. By providing our members with access to a portfolio of validated early-stage startups and valuable incentives, we assure their motivation to make the best possible decisions.  

Gigi Levy-Weiss

Jon Medved

Izhar Shay

Yuval Shachar

Arik Kleinstein

Sarit Firon

Tal Keinan

Toby Olshanetsky

Eduardo Shoval

Erez Rosen

Guy Corem

James Currier

Amos Meiri

Yori Nelken

Ori Israely

Lior Weizman

Roy Keidar

Yuval Bar-Gil

Ofer Rotem

Prof. Meir Feder

Yaniv Golan

Tal Elyashiv

Gal Israely

Avi Shechter

Gal Chet