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Invest in the Economy

After the initial group of our professional network is in place and transparent to all, the ICO will commence and we’ll raise funds from accredited investors. The amount raised in the ICO will be used by the fund to invest in the economy’s early-stage startups that will be validated by the top domain experts in the professional network.

Early investors who join this economy will be rewarded for their commitment and receive more in return for their investment.

Token Advantage for Investors

  • Real Asset Value – We offer the ease and transparency that comes with investing through cryptocurrencies (Equity Tokens) but with the value that real assets provide.
  • Liquidity – Investment liquidity from day one.
  • Transparency– EquityX will have a transparent NAV dashboard accessible to all token holders at all time and will also publish and share periodic reports with its token holders to ensure full transparency.
  • Decision Making –  Investment decisions are made based on data-driven filtering, professional “crowd wisdom”, and smart algorithms.
  • Great Terms- All investors receive great investment terms and early investors get even more in return for their investments.
  • Opportunity and Scale: targeting top startups with a quick and efficient investment decision processes allowing for a larger, more efficient deal flow.

Our Equity Token