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EquityX gives you access to the world’s best experts marketplace, that are looking for high quality startup customers. The EquityX marketplace allows startups to open a pool-based USD that will be converted to stock options at the next funding round. It then allows startups to use their pool money to buy services in micro transactions.




Fair appreciation of compensation amount based on time to next fundraising – The startup and the expert agree on a USD based compensation. This amount converts to the next venture capital round with discounts that increase over time

Experts gets equity rights equal to those received by venture capital investors – when a startup secured a qualified round by a VC or an exit event occurs, there is a quantification process. EquityX platform calculates the amount of options each expert gets. The options are from the exact type of stock received by the new VC. It is like the experts investing their time instead of cash, alongside the VC, with the same terms and with a fair discount mechanism on the price-per-share.

compensationPrecise compensation can be based on hours, milestones or retainer – You have the flexibility to choose the payment method: hourly, milestone or retainer arrangements.

fundrising Flexibility to prioritize liquidity or equity upside upon fundraising event – The stock option agreement is created automatically and is directly between the startup and the expert. Since you own the option selling them in a secondary market is a valid option.

clientsVisibility for startups and experts to enhance their business – EquityX is a growing marketplace of validated, high-quality startups. You can find new business opportunities and strengthen your customer portfolio.

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